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Fast and Fluid Figures: Watercolor Shadows

Wendy Artin

Wendy Artin, Figures
Wendy Artin

Workshop Description

January 23-27
Monday-Friday, 1:30 –5:00 pm
Fee: $450
Instructor present each day
Enrollment limited to 12 students
Please request supply list

In this life-drawing workshop the students will learn to paint the model using monochromatic watercolor in order to quickly capture light and form. They will develop a rich vocabulary of mark-making, which they will learn to use to reveal the volumes of the human body. The model will start out quickly with 30 second warm-up poses, then gradually lengthen towards a final one hour pose. Individual attention and criticism will be given to each student. Particular attention will be paid to the white of the paper, edge control, and brush control. All levels from complete beginners to professionals welcome.

About the Instructor

Wendy Artin is an American painter who divides her time between Italy, France and America. She received an MFA in painting from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, and studied for two years at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Ms. Artin spent a great deal of time traveling and living abroad, both as a child and as a young adult, always drawing and painting in streets and museums. Her work is figurative and classical, and explores the timeless interaction of light with surfaces such as the human figure and Roman ruins. Wendy Artin’s watercolors are precise, loose, intense. “Watercolor is a living medium whose beauty lies in its incredible range, from the pigments flowing across a wet page to a scant brushstroke bumping along a slightly rough surface, letting the paper breathe.”

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