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Psychology of Collage

Steven Rudin

Steven Rudin

Workshop Description

JANUARY 27, 29 & 30
6:00–9:30 pm
Fee: $270 (includes $15 material fee)
Instructor present every day

In this hands-on workshop, participants will experiment with collage as a powerful form of artistic expression. Using images and photographs collected from their own sources, participants will learn how to create hand-cut paper collages with personal meaning. Participants will be introduced to the instructor’s philosophy, “The Psychology of Collage,” which explores collage as a metaphor for memory and identity. The fundamentals of process including inspiration, planning, composition, and perspective will be covered in detail. Group discussion will be an exciting opportunity to further understand this medium.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn a four-step approach to creating collage (Observation, Deconstruction, Rehearsal, Assembly)
  • Experience the meditative qualities of the process
  • Become comfortable with and excited about the materials
  • Develop a vision for a composition that evolves with you and serves as a source of inspiration
  • Practice a set of techniques specific to hand-cut paper collage
  • Explore collage as a metaphor for memory and identity

*Bring color photocopies of any personal photos, as well as magazines, catalogs, and other paper media.

About the Instructor

New York based artist, Steven Rudin creates hand-cut paper collages that celebrate subjective reality with an emphasis on optimism and nostalgia. Visually, he explores the optics of depth, producing an image that is somewhere between a painting and a photograph. As a former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, his work explores collage as a metaphor for memory and identity. Rudin holds degrees from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has extensive teaching experience in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety. Rudin’s philosophy, The Psychology of Collage, is a hybrid of visual art and education about emotional resilience. His art has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Miami.

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