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Painting the figure with clothes

Ricky Mujica

Ricky Mujica

Workshop Description

Fee: $450
Instructor present each day
Enrollment limited to 12 students
Please request supply list

This class will focus on painting the figure from life in their everyday clothes. We will be focusing on proportions and comparative measuring techniques. We will be learning an effective use of triangulation and angles as well as various tricks that will help you put down what you see. Making global and local measurements. We will learn squinting techniques for seeing and capturing values and form. We will learn about retinal painting techniques and sculptural painting techniques and when to use them. We will be talking about folds, the laws of folds, and how to make them convincing. We will also talk about how this work from life can inform the work we do from photos if we choose to work from photos. We will be discussing color, how to match it, when to deviate from the color you see, and how it relates to reality vs how it relates to your painting. Let’s have fun!

About the Instructor

Born and raised in NYC, Ricky Mujica was a top romance and book jacket illustrator for many years. In 2014, Ricky returned to fine art and since then has received numerous awards including, First Place at the April round of TRAC2015, the Florence and Ernest Thompson Memorial Award at the 103 Allied Artists Exhibition, and an Honorable Mention at Figurativas in Barcelona. He has been a finalist or has placed in the Portrait Society International Portrait Competitions, the OPA, NOAP, Salmagundi, Allied Artists, ARC, Artist Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine competitions. Ricky believes that empathy, creativity, and skill are most important.

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