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Looking at Modern Masters

Cornelia Foss

Workshop Description

March 9-10
10:00 AM–4:30 PM
Fee: $290
Instructor present each day
Enrollment limited to 12 students
Please request supply list

The first part of the workshop will be a lecture and discussion of some of the important representational and nonrepresentational contemporary painters–such as David Hockney, Eric Fischl, Jenny Seville, Dorothea Rockburne, Frank Stella, Jim Dine, and April Gornick. The second part of each day, students will work on their own individual artwork. Special guests from the NY Art World will be invited to participate.

About the Instructor

“How Foss manages to extract exactitude out of arbitrariness is a secret we’ll never know: suffice to say it’s the hallmark of a ‘natural,’ as are Foss’s breezy palette and terse yet somehow avuncular, brushstrokes. In her fluidity of stroke and format, Foss is finding herself a solidity of realist vision that looks to last the years. It’s a challenge, in the end, to our pampered representational sensibilities— Foss’s art is never easy. She wants to make the poetic concrete and the concrete a lyrical flux. In the end, maybe Foss has as much to do with abstract expressionism as painterly realism. Her struggle to both paint with formal freedom and ‘get it right’ is more than a little heroic,” wrote critic Gerrit Henry, in a review in Art in America.

Cornelia Foss’s work is in the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC; the Houston Museum of Art, Houston, TX; the Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY; the Brooklyn Museum; the Wichita Art Museum; the Museum of Oklahoma; the Burchfield Art Center of SUNY, Buffalo, NY; the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC; and the Huntington Museum, Long Island, NY, among other museums.

She has had one-person exhibitions at Berry-Hill Galleries, New York City; Boston University; Clark Gallery; the Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City; the Addison Gallery, Andover, MA; Ferris Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Glenn Horowitz Gallery and the Lizan Tops Gallery, East Hampton, NY; Saint-Gaudens Museum, Cornish, NH; James Goodman Gallery, Buffalo, NY; the Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI; and DFN Gallery, New York City.

Other shows include an exhibit at Peter Marcelle Gallery (NYC, June 2014); a retrospective at Guild Hall (East Hampton, October 24, 2015); and an exhibit at the National Academy (NYC, October 2015). Recently published is the book, Cornelia Foss: Ten Years of Paintings and Drawings 2003-2013.

Ms. Foss studied art history with Leonello Venturi at the University of Rome, painting with Rico LeBrun in Los Angeles, and studio art with the Italian sculptor Mirko. While in Rome, she also studied with Stephen Greene, who later taught at the League.

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