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Introduction to Plein Air Painting in Oil

Maddine Insalaco & Joe Vinson

From left: Maddine Insalaco, Campriano, oil on aluminum, 5x7 in, Joe Vinson, Soracte, oil on paper, 9x12 in.
Maddine Insalaco & Joe Vinson

Workshop Description

MAY 9 – 10
Saturday – Sunday
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
FEE: $290
Instructor present each day
Enrollment limited to 15 students
Please Request Supply List


The qualities of fugitive light and shifting atmospheric conditions in the landscape make “plein air” the most challenging type of painting. The need to work quickly requires that the technique and approach adopted be distinct from studio painting. This short workshop will focus on the formal elements of spatial construction in a carefully observed landscape. Students will be shown how to analyze natural space in terms of light (value) and air (atmospheric perspective). The technical method introduced will derive from the 18th century open air tradition in the sequence of paint application and use of paper as a surface, but will stress contemporary abstract principles of color contrasts to create form and space within a composition.

About the Instructor

Maddine Insalaco (MFA New York Academy of Art) and Joe Vinson (BA Ringling School of Art, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), divide their life between New York City and Tuscany where they have taught landscape painting since 1995. They are established experts in the history of open air painting and its connection to modern art. The couple has published, lectured, curated, and exhibited on the subject in diverse forums such as the American Artist, Plein Air, Sotheby’s, the National Academy of Design, the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, GA, and the Jerusalem Studio School among others. Their work has been shown extensively in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Italy and France. For more detailed information:, and
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