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Intro to Casein

Kathie Miranda

Kathie Miranda

Workshop Description

MAY 7-11
9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Fee: $425
Instructor present each day
Enrollment limit sed to 12 students
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Casein is an opaque water-based paint that uses milk curd as the binder. It feels natural to work with, and dries to a velvety, waterproof finish. A versatile paint that dries quickly, corrections/changes of mind are easy; and successive layers can be achieved in one session. Casein lends itself to many techniques: It has the wash capabilities of watercolor, the smooth opacity of tempera and the richer textures of oils. It can also be a drawing medium using dry-brush, hatching and stippling to build up color. Please bring a few simple still life objects or a photograph to work from. Students of all levels and forms of expression welcome.

About the Instructor

Kathie Miranda is an award-winning artist and educator of natural science illustration with a specialty in botanical art. She studied at Lyme Academy of Art and at Paier College of Art, and holds a Certificate of Botanical Art and Illustration from The New York Botanical Garden, where she is a highly sought-after instructor in their adult education art program. She serves on the Board of the American Society of Botanical Artists; is Past President of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Greater New York Chapter; and maintains active memberships in the Connecticut Watercolor Society and the Colored Pencil Society of America. She exhibits her work nationally, and is currently researching and illustrating flora of Connecticut for future exhibition and publication.

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