Figure Painting Workshop – The Art Students League

Figure Painting Workshop

Max Ginsburg

Workshop Description

October 30-November 3
Monday – Friday, 1:30 – 5:00 pm
Fee: $450
Instructor present every day
Enrollment limited to 12 students
Please request supply list upon registration

In this workshop we will study and paint the figure concentrating first on gesture, design and proportion. Then we will develop the form of the figure by observing shape, value and color through a wet on wet alla prima painting procedure. We will above all strive to capture the unique character and humanity of the individual posing. The instructor will stress the relationship of forms in the subject we will paint. No form, shape, color or value exists by itself. When you paint the nose you have to look at the ear, the forehead, etc. When you paint a cool or warm color mixture it is only as effective as its relationship to the surrounding colors. Mr. Ginsburg will demonstrate his painting procedure including the mixing of paint and the varied use of his brush.

About the Instructor

Ginsburg’s awards and solo exhibitions include: Grand Prize, Portrait Society of America Painting Competition, 2015; President’s Gold Medal Award for Advancement of Traditional Fine Art 2013, California Art Club; Retrospective Exhibitions 2011 Butler Institute of American Art and Salmagundi Club; “Best in Show” 2011 Art Renewal Center; ACOPAL Group Show Six Museums in China – 2012–13; Exhibition 2008 The Martin Luther King Labor Center; Philip Desind Award 2008 and Collectors Prize 2007, The Butler Institute; “Best In Show” 2007 Salmagundi Non Members; Purchase Prize 2005 Art Renewal Center; The Christopher’s Award 1991; and the Gold Medal 1984 Society of Illustrators. Selected group shows include those at: American Academy of Arts and Letters, Museum of The City of New York, New York Historical Society, and National Academy of Design Biennials. Museum collections include those at: Butler Institute, New Britain Museum, Society of Illustrators Museum. Ginsburg’s professional occupations include: Illustrator, 1980–2004, Teacher, 1960 to Present (H.S. Art & Design, School Visual Arts, Art Students League).



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