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Drawing the Dance

John A. Varriano, Valentine Aprile, Anabella Lenzu

John A. Varriano, Valentine Aprile, Anabella Lenzu

Workshop Description

Wednesday & Thursday
Fee: $120
Enrollment limited to 28 students
Please request supply list

The Art Students League is excited to offer a unique program of dance performance and drawing that will take place in the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery. All drawing and watercolor media will be allowed.

Each evening will be comprised of a short pose session and the performance of a choreographed dance directed by Aprile (modern) and Lenzu (ballet), respectively. Short poses will be reflective of dance movements performed during choreography. Participants will be encouraged to free sketch the dancers in motion throughout the evening, even during their warm-up time prior to the official start of the workshop. Varriano will be on hand to critique and guide individual artists as they work.


About the Instructor

League instructor John A. Varriano in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Valentine Aprile and dance instructor Anabella Lenzu, with dancers, will guide participants through an intensive program of drawing the  gure in a variety of dance movements expressing the essence of the dancer’s art. The program will begin with an expressive modern-dance style. Each evening will start with a discussion by the collaborators regarding the physical origin of presented movement, how a dance artist considers a  gure in space, visual imagery and intent, and how that informs the movement choices applied to music. League instructor Varriano will elaborate as to how the visual artist expresses these dynamic gestural movements in terms of line and tone on surface.

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