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NYC Art Supply StoreThe League’s NYC Art Supply Store is located in the  lobby of the famous Art Students League of New York in midtown at 215 West 57th Street, between Seventh Avenue and Broadway, New York City 10019. Right across the street from where our friends at Lee’s Art Shop used to be, the League’s Art Supply Store is the leading midtown store for studio artists.

Now you can take advantage of the same convenience,  helpful service, and low prices that demanding fine art students at the “League” have enjoyed for more than 100 years. The store may be small, but the selection is large. We’re open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm on the weekdays and from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on weekends.

What We Have

The League’s Art Supply Store specializes in fine art supplies in drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking. Our staff are all knowledgeable studio artists who can help you with your selections (and without attitude). The store also offers a range of other useful items (and gift ideas), including art-related books, t-shirts, aprons, hats, and mugs. Gift certificates are also available for purchase.

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jerry Dienes
jerry Dienes
03:44 08 Mar 17
The ASL Supply Store is ​simply ​great​!​ It has a good selection of the basics all artists need - pencils, paper, paints, mediums, grounds (oil and acrylic), brushes, sculpture tools, and much more. ​ ​ But most importantly, the items are very reasonably priced. One of my favorite recent discoveries there is the KUM pencil sharpener, that sells for about $4.50 at the League Store, and about $8. elsewhere. It's certainly worth $8., but I love that I can get this two step process sharpener​ -​ that works perfectly for both mechanical lead pencils as well as wooden ones, and even includes extra blades​ - so inexpensively that I can afford to buy some for my artist friends too.​ The help is very good, and the diversity of supplies in a rather small space is amazing. The League smocks are handy, and the plaster casts of the features (eyes, nose, lips and ears, based on Michaelangelo's David sculpture) are well made and very reasonably priced (about $30.) I can't say enough good things for the League store. It is really a boon for artists in the city, not just students at the League (I am a former student, like almost everyone else).
Joan Chakonas
Joan Chakonas
21:29 06 Mar 17
Best of category supplies, wide selection of the best brands across all mediums. I like shopping at the League because the instructors who are the most knowledgeable of artists implicitly endorse the products because they send us to this store to buy our supplies. Very reasonably priced. Best of is my bottom line.
Sibu Puthenveettil
Sibu Puthenveettil
18:03 06 Mar 17
I paint at the league and I often find myself restraining the urge to run down to shop or browse. The personnel are very friendly and knowledgeable and the inventory is well-stocked and accessible. The store is cozy and warm and a good place to think about what you're purchasing. Highly recommended.
Sharilyn Neidhardt
Sharilyn Neidhardt
20:16 07 Feb 17
small but sturdy. well-stocked for such a small footprint. very friendly staff. supports the League which is one of the finest institutions of learning in the city.
Cynthia Shaw
Cynthia Shaw
19:16 07 Feb 17
I am a student at the ASL and always find what I need for class in the Art Supply Store. The store is very small, but somehow or other seems to have exactly what I need at a reasonable price. So happy it is there!
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Store hours:
Monday – Friday:
8:30 am – 8:30 pm

Saturday – Sunday*:
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
(*Closed Sundays, June–August)

(646) 838-9114




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