Lunchtime Lecture Series Drawn To New YorkEngaging Viewers with Visual MetaphorsWith Bill Behnken – The Art Students League

Lunchtime Lecture Series
Drawn To New York
Engaging Viewers with Visual Metaphors
With Bill Behnken

This lecture will focus on artists who were inspired by the vital environment of New York City to create prints in a variety of media such as etchings, wood-cuts and lithographs. The historical scope will range from the 19th century Etching Revival to the Mid-Twentieth Century, exploring the the importance of numerous print clubs, publishers, and schools like the Art Students League, to train artists and to inform the public about the techniques, pleasures, and expressiveness of prints. The selection of prints to be shown will demonstrate these artist’s interest in the vistas and atmosphere of the city, as well as the the work and leisure activities of the people in their public and private lives.

Free and open to the public.

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