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How it Works


We offer 100 atelier studio-based art classes taught by professional artists in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, welding and assemblage. Most classes work from the live model. Most classes range in price from $130/month to $290/month.

Registration is by the month, though you can start at any time. There are no prerequisites.

Instructors teach in a myriad of media, styles and artistic philosophies. Our curriculum continues an educational tradition based on the 19th century French atelier system of a master artist working alongside students.

Choose morning, afternoon, late afternoon, or evening classes; or attend on the weekend—whatever fits your schedule. Our supportive community is diverse in age, background and experience: students strive together to learn.

For “full-time” classes that meet five days or evenings a week, the instructor is present two of those days. Those classes also offer a “part-time” option. Students can attend Monday and Tuesday OR Wednesday and Thursday. The instructor is present one of those days.

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We host several hundred weekend and week-long workshops each year. League instructors and prominent visiting artists work with intimate groups of about a dozen students on a particular aspect of art-making (such as plein air painting) or a specific medium or technique (such as egg tempera or color spot painting). Workshops are held at the League’s 57th Street location. Try a workshop to take your work to a new level.

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Registration Policies

Entrance Requirements
There are no entrance requirements or examinations. Students are not required to have had any previous art experience. Instructors in some advanced classes may require an interview prior to class admission.

General Registration Information
Registration is by the calendar month throughout the year. Students may start class anytime based on availability. Waitlists are maintained for filled classes.

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