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Watercolor Basics with Control

Michiyo Fukushima

Michiyo Fukushima

Class Description

“Expressive Painting and Drawing in Watercolor” takes place in June only.

Watercolor is a lively medium, it changes as it dries. To utilize the fluidity and work with the medium it’s essential to understand why and how. Going back to basics helps any levels to fine-tune their skills and to attain the results they want. Students will be working from references (photos, sketch, artwork) of their choice. The instructor will work individually and also demonstrate common basic techniques.

About the Instructor

Michiyo Fukushima is NY based fine artist, native of Japan. She is represented by Fischbach Gallery (NYC). Her works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in NYC, Tokyo and Osaka, and have been featured in numerous newspapers and art magazines including the International Herald Tribune, American Artist magazine and Splash 13. She studied photography at a two year college and became a photographer working for magazines in Japan. While she enjoyed photography, she felt it wasn’t really fulfilling her passion for creation. She decided to study abroad to broaden her life experience and returned to pursue her passion for paintings. Fukushima’s works are in private and corporate collections.

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