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Three-Dimensional Sculpture & Light Art

Silya Kiese

Silya Kiese, Reborn, Metal, wood, glass, 2½ x 3 x 2 feet.

Class Description

The afternoon class explores three-dimensional sculpture, construction, and the relation of object, color, light and shade. In the first week of each month, the instructor provides lively demonstrations about how to learn the process of 3D sculpture construction characterized by the use and refinement of Bauhaus and Constructivist themes. Materials to bring include construction-design paper, metal, wire, wood, found objects, and more.

About the Instructor

Silya Kiese’s lively demonstrations and lectures related to interdisciplinary topics in fine art, contemporary sculpture, installation, light-art, and mixed media have inspired many students. Ms. Kiese attended the Art Students League of New York; the University of California, Los Angeles; and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her M.F.A.

A distinguished lecturer in art, philosophy, and art history, Ms. Kiese has spoken at the School of Visual Arts, New York City; Rutgers University, NJ; and the Silvermine School of Art, CT. She was a visiting artist and lecturer at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany; Seattle Pacific University and Evergreen State College, WA; and University of California at Berkeley. Her life-size sculptures, installations, and light-art are exhibited internationally.

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