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Special ‘Four Fridays’ Class:
Exploring Color Palettes
& Traditional Painting Techniques

Christopher Lopresti

Christopher Lopresti

Class Description

4 Fridays: March 1, 8, 15, 22
7:00-10:15 pm
Fee: $100 (Members: $95)
Instructor present every day
Enrollment limited to 30 students

Class Description: This is a four session oil painting class that will explore different color palettes and approaches to painting the figure. Students will work alongside the instructor, learning valuable imprimatura methods, and how to build a painting up; using value, color, cools and warms. We will also discuss materials and grounds, and the different approaches to successfully layering a painting, from the bottom up. The class is open to all skill levels, and recommended for students who want to learn different painting techniques to use in their own studios; different ways of applying oil paint, of conceptualizing form and color, on a two dimensional surface.

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