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Painting the City
June & July Only

Nicholas Evans–Cato

Nicholas Evans–Cato

Class Description

Whether you’re captivated by the strict perspectives of Midtown’s grid, the sweeping cables of the East River bridges, or the stark silhouette of old water towers against the sky, New York City offers an endless variety of motifs. Working on site, we’ll explore the pictorial potential of urban spaces in all kinds of weather. Painting demonstrations and explanations of observable light, reflection, and perspective will be a central aspect of the course around which individual creative responses can coalesce. A recommended materials list will be provided.

About the Instructor

Best known for his foggy paintings of the Brooklyn waterfront, Nicholas Evans-Cato has been drawing and painting on NYC sidewalks for thirty years. His work is in the collections of the New York Historical Society as well as in the Museum of the City of New York, and has been featured in the New York Times and Harper’s Magazine. He is represented by the George Billis Gallery and has been an instructor at Rhode Island School of Design since 2005.

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