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Painting & Drawing Online

Henry Finkelstein

Class Description

This course will be structured in the form of group critiques and discussion using the application “Zoom”. Working independently students will share their paintings and drawings with the instructor and the larger group once a week. A dialogue will develop in which students help each other by example as much as through ideas presented to them. Where appropriate assignments will be given to focus one’s skills and understanding of visual concepts.  For the system to work all students have to do is take photos of their work and either they or the instructor can share the images (received in the form of e mails), on their screen with the group. 

The course content revolves around plasticity and the visual language as a form of self expression. Drawing and Painting are considered interchangeable for work presented. Color is treated as a kind of drawing in itself.

Although this is different from atelier type teaching it is actually how most graduate and undergraduate art schools operate today -albeit with people actually in a room together. There is more time to focus on critiquing the work which is so essential to an individual’s development.

About the Instructor

Henry Finkelstein studied at the Cooper Union with Rueben Kadish and Nicolas Marsicano and at the Yale School of Art with Lester Johnson. He has taught at the Hartford Art School, the College of William and Mary, Pratt Institute, the New York Studio School, and the Washington DC Studio School. In 1983 he received a Fulbright Fellowship for Painting in Italy. Since then he has received numerous awards, including a French government grant and the Julius Hallgarten Prize at the National Academy. Finkelstein has had solo exhibitions at the Kraushaar Gallery; the Simon Gallery, Morristown, NJ; the Valley House Gallery, Dallas, TX, and the Between the Muse Gallery, Rockland, ME. His work has also been exhibited at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery, the Ingber Gallery, the Portland Museum of Art, as well as the National Academy Museum.

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