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Visual Discovery through Drawing (AM)
Painting: Form and Color (PM)

Henry Finkelstein

Henry Finkelstein, Garden, Single Rose, Oil on linen, 56 x 58 inches.

Class Description

In the Sunday morning class, students will draw from different models week to week, in a variety of poses. In this way they will see how they can organize a picture from the onset, rather than waiting until some future time in its creation.

In the Sunday afternoon class there will be a model holding one pose over the entire one month period. There will also be a still life set up, which will be different from week to week. Students may paint from either or both of these situations, or they may choose to work in another vein, such as non-objectively or from their drawings.

About the Instructor

My courses focus on drawing and painting, and the importance of one to the other. Drawing will be presented as the key to the visual language—to understanding plasticity and visual form. Concepts such as shift, swirl (drawing the figure from the inside out), rhythm, plane, shape, space, and volume will be explored in how they can unify a visual statement over a whole rectangle. In the painting class, color will also enter the conversation, how it can serve these concepts and how it can function on its own. Students will be encouraged to be constantly drawing in their paintings—moving the form, finding it anew, involved in a continual process of discovery. Historical examples will be presented from Piero through de Kooning. In the end, we may see how drawing and painting are the same thing.

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