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Life Drawing

Jon deMartin

From right: Jon deMartin, Triton, 2002, red & white chalk, 18 x 24 inches; Jon deMartin, Gilda with Turban, 2006, black & white chalk, 20 x 15 inches

Class Description

This class offers the artist a thorough study of both long- and short-pose drawing. The long pose will give the student the opportunity to study the objectives for each phase of the figure’s development, beginning with the ‘action’ and ending with the ‘modeling of form.’ The basis of the class is to build a solidly-constructed three-dimensional figure using line as preparation for the modeling of form with light and shadow. We will endeavor to build a foundation of knowledge so the artist can look for things as opposed to looking at things. The underlying goal is to give artists a deep understanding and appreciation of how line can create three-dimensional volumes in space. This will enhance and strengthen their work whether it is drawing, painting, or sculpture. The instructor will present material in the form of demonstrations and historical references as a practical application to life drawing. These principles and demonstration drawings can be seen in deMartin’s book Drawing Atelier—The Figure: How to Draw in a Classical Style. To see examples of the instructors work, visit and Instagram (@jondemartin).

About the Instructor

Jon deMartin is among the leading figurative artists working today and has taught life drawing and painting for more than twenty-years at the most prestigious academies and ateliers in the country.  Among them are the Arts Students League, the New York Academy of Art, the Grand Central Academy of Art, the Janus Collaborative School of Art, Studio Incamminati, and the Parsons School of Design.  He has exhibited at Hirschl & Adler Galleries, the John Pence gallery, the Arnot Museum, the Butler Institute of American Art, the Florence Griswald Museum, and the Beijing World Art Museum, featured in the exhibit ‘Contemporary American Realism’.

He grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and later moved to New York where he graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking.  He subsequently enrolled at the Art Students League, and also studied privately with Michael Aviano.  He currently lives in White Plains and teaches in his studio in Port Chester, New York.

Jon’s work has been reproduced in publications such as ‘The Classicist’, Classical Drawing Atelier’, ‘Lessons in Classical Drawing’, Watson-Guptil Publications. ‘Star Wars Art: Visions’, (Abrams Publication), and the ‘Classical Life Studio: Lessons & Teachings in the Art of Figure Drawing’, Sterling Publications.  He has written and illustrated over twenty-five articles on classical figure drawing technique for ‘Drawing Magazine’.

In his paintings, Jon concentrates on the figure placed in outdoor and interior situations, as well as portraits and industrial landscapes.

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