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Figure Drawing

Edmond Rochat

Edmond Rochat, Figure Study, 2019, graphite and charcoal on paper, 24 x 18 inches

Class Description

This class will practice different forms of observation to accurately represent the human figure. Starting by working on one drawing over multiple sessions, students will learn how to translate the model’s proportions and gesture onto paper. Building on this foundation, the class will study key anatomical structures. Furthering our study will be concepts that enable the artist to create form through light and shadow. Each class will begin with a short discussion on anatomy, perspective, and light, with close attention to how these ideas are applied to the drawing process. Finally, students will work on their own drawings, guided by one-on-one critiques and demonstrations designed to clarify the student’s objectives and create a path toward completed drawings. Intended for all levels, instruction is tailored to the individual student.

About the Instructor

Edmond Rochat studied painting, drawing, and sculpture at duCret School of Art, The Art Students League of New York, and Janus Collaborative School of Art. He supplemented his studies as lab assistant for advanced artistic anatomy offered by Janus Collaborative School of Art and hosted by Drexel University School of Medicine. Rochat received the Dr. Furman Fink Award for portraiture, and the Chairman’s Award from the Salmagundi Club’s Junior/Scolarship members show. He was also awarded a grant from the John F. and Anne Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund, which he used to study Greek and Renaissance sculpture at the Slater Memorial museum. His works have appeared in the Persimmon Hill Journal and in The Visual Language of Drawing: Lessons on the Art of Seeing. He currently maintains a studio in East Harlem.
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