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Drawing and Painting from A Variety of Sources

Stephen Lack

Stephen Lack

Class Description

Monday-Friday, 8:45 AM -12:30 PM
Monthly Cost: $290; Part-time $165
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All art is a series of reveals. In this course we will enhance the skills that inform those ‘reveals’. Concentrating on the characteristics of the basic materials for drawing and painting, from charcoal and conte on paper to working in color with pastels and oils and acrylics on canvas; we will indulge ourselves in multiple subjects during the course. Those subjects will include the Model, Still Life, Action Poses, and the use of source from photography and architecture.

About the Instructor

Stephen Lack has been a practicing artist in NYC for over forty years, focusing on painting and sculpture. He uses multiple materials ranging from charcoal and conte crayon on paper, to large scale works in oils and acrylic. “His ‘no holds barred” approach earned him a position as one of the seminal artists of New York’s East Village Scene of the 1980’s, Of the work, Michael Brenson of the NY Times wrote in Dec ’83: “What distinguishes these paintings from many other works that pretend to confront the effects and implications of popular and mass-media culture is that they are honest. Mr. Lack’s work is neither moralizing or ambivalent.” His work has appeared in numerous publications, Art in America; ArtNews; artnet.mm, The New Yorker; The New York Times and others. The work is in many collections public and private, including The Brooklyn Museum, The New Britain Museum; The Lyman Allyn Museum, The Chase Manhattan Bank Collection; The Ralph Lauren Family Collection, The Rubell Family Collection; The Australian National Gallery; The Nat. Museum of Art; Antwerp Belgium; The Rutgers Print Archive, Voorhees Zimmerlee; Rutgers University NJ.; among others.

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