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Ceramic Sculpture (Afternoons)

Yasumitsu Morito, Technical Instructor

Yasumitsu Morito, Mother and Children, 2015, glazed ceramic, 24 x 10 x 9 inches
Yasumitsu Morito, Technical Instructor

Class Description

Students will learn the art of preparing clay for kiln firing and glazing. Students will work on individual projects tailored to their own interests and experience. The class includes demonstration/techniques such as wheel throwing, coil and slab building. Glazing and decoration techniques will also be demonstrated. Students will explore these techniques for themselves.

Registering for this class full-time will entitle the student to receive one 25-pound block of clay per month and one free firing of a work, which does not exceed 10 inches in any direction. Glaze firing is at an additional charge. Work exceeding 1000 cubic inches will be charged 5 cents per cubic inch over the 1000 cubic inches. Glazing of fired work is charged at 5 cents per cubic inch over the 1000 cubic inches (for example: 10 (height) x 10 (width) x 10 (depth) = 1000 cubic inches). Clay can be purchased at the League.

 Students may work from the live model (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).

About the Instructor

Yasumitsu Morito is a NYC based artist who works primarily in sculpture. He has exhibited in various venues in New York, including a public sculpture in Carl Schurz Park and Riverside Park South in Manhattan and solo shows at the Bill Hodges Gallery, Resobox Gallery and the Consulate General of Japan in New York City. Morito’s work has been featured in various publications including the Wall Street Journal, NY1 and the Consulate General of Japan. Morito studied sculpture at the Art Students League and human anatomy for artists at the Drexel University College of Medicine. He was a Ceramic Instructor in Japan and Central America through the Japan International Cooperation Agency. He is a elected member of National Sculpture Society and a Cultural Ambassador of the Tochigi Prefecture for Ceramics.
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