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Abstraction: Inspiration & Development of Ideas

Peter Bonner

Class Description

We will explore the issues central to Abstract Painting, such as nature, structure, geometry, the human form and master paintings as potential sources of investigation and inspiration.

This class focuses on developing each artist’s inclination to make abstract art through a range of activities, studying in particular how to explore one’s inspiration and ideas vis-à-vis process and using a language specific to each artist to develop coherent abstract images. There will be a model available to work from as a way to source imagery, if that is your preference, or artists can bring in their own source material. Working through their sources, each artist will develop a greater sense of touch and consequently a deeper understanding of their own inclinations and the role they play in their painting.

About the Instructor

Peter Bonner was Born in Australia, has studied Art in London, Melbourne and New York and is influenced by the New York School Artists as well as the wonderfully talented Australian aboriginal Women who are making art in the Central Australian Desert. He has worked and studied in Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Norway, The Central Australian Desert, the American West, and other extreme environments, including NYC!

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