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Membership & Board of Control

If you are a member in good standing of the League and are interested in serving on the League’s Board of Control, please click here and complete this application questionnaire.

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Note: E-mails are the primary source of contact with the League. DO NOT USE the On-Line facility to change or update your e-mail or any other contact information. Please DO use the Member Information Update Form to verify or supply us with your current e-mail address. Click here to access the Member Information Update Form

There are currently 4,000 members of the Art Students League of New York. As is reflected in the name, the League was started by art students who were determined to have a school where their needs and opinions were able to be voiced. As part of this idea Membership was formed. The first members were those students (and one instructor) who would determine the structure and set down the parameters to guide the institution. Moving forward members were elected who showed the passion and commitment to the study of art and were willing to show their support and participate in the perpetuation of the League. What started as a grand experiment has resulted in a unique institution over 140 years young. Location, facilities, and even the classes taught have changed over the years – but not the passion and commitment of its membership.

Becoming a Member

“Members” of the Art Students League are different than students enrolled in classes. Students become eligible for membership after they have completed a certain amount of hours of study at the League. Please click here to learn how to apply for League membership. The next opportunity for New Member election will be the December 5, 2018, Members Meeting. The deadline for completion of the entry in the Candidates for Membership Book is November 3, 2018.

Membership and key governance issues at the League are regulated by the League’s Constitution.

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly discounts on all classes — $10 for a full-time class, $5 on all other classes
  • Free admission to Members’ life sketch classes (Mon.–Fri., 5:00–6:30 pm)
  • Reduced admission to weekend sketch / painting classes (at $8 per session)
  • Copies of League publications – Annual Course Catalog
  • Voting rights and participation at the League Member Meetings (3 per year: April, October, December)
  • Eligibility to serve on the League’s Board of Control
  • Eligibility to apply for League grants and scholarships
  • Eligibility to apply for certain Exhibition Outreach events throughout the year.
  • Eligibility to have exhibition information posted in special Members’ display case (3rd Floor Hall of the League’s 57th Street building)
  • Eligibility to list your website on the League’s Pinterest board. Click here to list your artist website.
  • Eligibility to list your exhibit online on the League’s Pinterest board. Click here to list your exhibit online.

Membership Status: Renewals, Reinstatements, Voting Status

Regular Member vs. Life Member

After ten years of active membership (upon the eleventh payment of dues) a member will be considered a Life Member of the Art Students League, entitling the member to all the privileges of membership—without any annual dues.


The membership year runs from September 1 through August 31 of any given year.
Annual Membership renewal payments, currently $35, are due August 31st of each year, regardless of the date of your initial payment.
Please note, the payment of the annual dues is the responsibility of the Member. In the past , the mailing of Renewal Letters was a courtesy by the League, which may be discontinued in future, and does not mitigate the Member’s responsibility in any way.
Please note that Membership dues are not the same as the annual Student Registration fee.

Lapsed & Dropped Members

Lapsed: Members who do not renew by August 31st become Lapsed Members.
Dropped: Failure to renew within twelve months of becoming a Lapsed Member results in a member being Dropped.
A Dropped Member is ineligible for membership benefits and must apply to the Board of Control for reinstatement.
A Reinstatement Request Letter (generated by the Registrars) and signed by the member, must be submitted to the Membership Dept. by the Thursday prior to the monthly Board of Control Meeting. Reinstatement will cost $70.
Deadlines for submission of Request for Reinstatement: Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6
Note: There are no BoC meetings in July and August.

Member Active / Inactive Voting Status

This voting status does not affect your Membership status.
Active voting status is a Member designation for those who vote or attend Member Meetings on a regular basis by either returning (completed) the yearly Ballot, OR by attending  one of the three (3) yearly Member Meetings—October, December, April. Not doing one of the above will result in your status becoming inactive.
To restore your active voting status you will need to request a status change from the Board of Control. However, this request cannot be submitted within 30 days of a members vote.

Note: Keeping your address and other contact information up-to-date is crucial to our being able to mail important information to you. Please click here to use the Member Information UPDATE FORM whenever you have any changes to make.


Key Dates for Members

2018-19 Regular Session Tues. Sept. 4, 2018 – Sun., May 26,2019
Members Meeting Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Annual Members Meeting Wednesday, December 5, 2018

For a listing of upcoming holidays, school closings, and other important dates, please visit our Events webpage and click on School Calendar on the left sidebar.

The League Remembers

For a list of recently deceased Members, click here.


Contact Us

Please include your name and League ID# with all correspondence.

Serving on the Board of Control

The Art Students League of New York is governed by the Board of Control, which is annually elected by the membership. If you are a member in good standing of the League and are interested in serving on the League’s Board of Control, please click here to download and complete this application questionnaire.

As you fill out the form, please keep in mind that members of the Board are expected to:

•    Attend Board meetings, of which there are ten a year, September through June
•    Serve on at least two Board Committees, which meet as needed
•    Make a yearly financial contribution to the League within your means

Also, please be aware that while serving on the Board, you are ineligible for League awarded scholarships and grants.

The completed questionnaire along with your resume should be returned to Tom Tacik or e-mailed to When the questionnaire is received, a member of the BoC Search Committee will contact you to arrange for an opportunity for you to discuss your interests with a Board member.

We thank you for your interest in serving the League through Board membership.

The Board of Control
The Art Students League of New York