Board and Staff – The Art Students League

Board and Staff

Board of Control 2018

President: Thomas E. Harvey
Vice President: Lisa Chakravarti
Vice President: Judah Feigenbaum

Board Members:
Beth Alberty
Mary Jo Anzel
Cathy Blake
Ezra Bookstein
Robin Lechter Frank
Carole McDermott
Jaron Newton
Julia Salinas

Staff Directory

Michael Rips
Executive Director

Valentine Aprile
Model Coordinator

Stephanie Cassidy
Editor of LINEA: The Journal of the League at

Xanthe Ellis
Membership & Database Manager

Lilian Engel
Design Director

Denise L. Greene
Director of Community Programs

Rajdai Hardowar


Isabel Mares
Development Associate

Genevieve Martin
Assistant Curator

Ken Park
Director of Communications

Staff Directory (continued)

Matt Pearson
Associate Director of Operations
and Finance

Jillian Russo

Rudy Bravo Sagastume
Digital Communications Manager

Timothy Sleeper
Operations Manager

Jennifer Solomon
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Strader
Manager for Special Events and Partnerships

Thomas Tacik
Manager & Assistant to the Executive Director

Robert Telenick
Director of Programs

Evelyn Wang
Manager of International, Veteran, and Certificate Programs and Services
PDSO, VA Certifying Official