2016 Grant Winners Exhibition – The Art Students League

2016 Grant Winners

This annual exhibition showcases the work of emerging artists who earned the Art Students League’s prestigious grants. The culmination of their studies over the last two years represents a range of approaches to contemporary artistic practice. Throughout its history, patrons of the League established travel and study grants to recognize the accomplishments of League students and to further support their development. Today the grants program encourages all our students to strive for that recognition.

The participating artists and their awarded grant(s) are:

  • Kuniyoshi Award (Printmaking)
    Jeffrey Atwood
  • Gregory Lysun Grant
    Thalia Chantziara
  • Fantasy Fountain Fund Award (Paris)
    Daniel Da Silva
  • Lloyd Sherwood Grant
    Rodolfo Edwards Garcés
  • Kuniyoshi Award (Painting)
    Kathleen Gefell
  • Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation Grant
    Carole Hallé
  • Will Barnet Printmaking Grant
    Martha Ives
  • Fantasy Fountain Fund Award (Paris)
    Aida Izadpanah
  • Nessa Cohen Grant
    Beñat Iglesias Lopez
  • Fantasy Fountain Fund Award (Marchutz)
    Julia Montepagani
  • Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant
    Keiko Nakamori
  • Hudson Valley Art Association Prize
    Satoshi Okada
  • Edward G. McDowell Travel Grant
    Yasuaki Okamoto
  • Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant
    Rick Perez
  • Ann and Bruno Lucchesi Grant
    Ken Shih
  • Nessa Cohen Grant
    Natsuki Takauji