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Painting from Life, Portraiture (especially for teenagers)

Oldrich Teply

Oldrich Teply, Studio 5 (study created during teaching session), 2012.

Class Description

This class is for both adults and teenagers. Using a structured approach to the craft of art, Mr. Teply encourages an atmosphere of openness and engagement, allowing freedom for individual expression. This class works from the clothed model only. The same pose continues in the morning and afternoon classes.

About the Instructor

Oldrich Teply has said, “Art is the embodiment, not of sheer internality, but of the self’s whole being in the world. There is no dichotomy between the inner and outer world within which the artist lives—no cleavage between the knower and the known.

“Art as a frame of reference, as a mode of apprehension, is inclusive of being (existence) and becoming (growth and change), and is therefore absolutely essential to our development as whole selves and not to be considered frivolous and thereby relegated to a less important role in education.”

Mr. Teply has won numerous awards, including the Strathmore Paper Award, which underwrote a traveling exhibition of his work. He received an award from the Portland Art Museum, in Portland, Oregon, which has a close working relationship with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Mr. Teply is represented in many public and private collections. The U.S. Air Force commissioned him to paint four murals for its base in Wichita, Kansas. He has successfully combined a career in fine arts with illustration and art direction for a host of prestigious clients, including TIME magazine, Omega Watch Company, C. E. Lummus, Mobil Oil Company, Ciba-Geigy, Channel 13, Irving Trust, Gulf-Western, and Continental Insurance.

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