Fashion Illustration

Chuck Nitzberg

Class Description

This course will stress the formal concepts of drawing the human figure seen through the lens of the Fashion Illustrator. Every week the class will be presented with a single premise that acts as a guide in which to work. Each premise builds upon the previous premise until by the end of the course the student has a formidable toolbox with which to create their own unique vision. Students will experiment with basic ideas of proportion, line, shapes and different mediums will be introduced, such as charcoal, graphite, gauche, and marker, standards in the fashion industry, which can later be transferred digitally.

An emphasis will be placed on the emotional properties of color, line, and form which make up the Editorial Fashion Illustration story. A live model will be provided for each session and a history of the discipline will also be touched upon with examples from fashion artists of the past, in which to be inspired.

Enrollment limited to 25 students.

About the Instructor

Chuck Nitzberg has been living and working as an artist in New York City for 40 years. After receiving a BFA from the Rhode Island School Of Design he came to New York and began illustrating for periodicals such as Women’s Wear Daily, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Fashion Merchandising Magazine. He was an art director for several textile manufacturers and print studios, and created new looks for the garment and home furnishings market. Chuck’s fine arts work can be seen in the arts publications ‘Spunk’, ‘Vaczine’, and ‘The Archive’.

He has been in many group shows in New York City and Los Angeles, including The Society Of Illustrators’ ‘Line Of Fashion’, and a 2 person show at Prince Street Project Space. He is also the creator of the popular series of children’s books ‘Travels With Charlie’ published by Blue Apple Books. Chuck has been an instructor of fashion drawing at the Fashion Institute Of Technology for the last several years.

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