Tunisian Collaborative Painting Workshops


A Night in Tunusia, a collaborative paintingFor the third year in a row, the League is hosting a week of workshops on Tunisian Collaborative Painting. In previous workshops, 125 artists from 30 countries created 26 paintings over a period of five days at the League. The word most used by the participating artists to describe the experience was "liberating."

This style of painting helps artists give up control in ways that can help them become better artists. Seeing what emerges without any pre-determination gives artists new insight into what is possible in art. (Right: A Night in Tunisia, 60 x 72 in., by Mr. Black in collaboration with Bouabana Space Artists)

Tunisian Collaborative Painting to Debut in Paris

Brückenbauen durch «kollektive Malerei»

WNYC’s Sara Fishko explores the world of  Tunisian Collaborative Painting in this edition of Fishko Files.

The World reviews Tunisian Collaborative Painting and interviews David Black.

Collaborative Painting in Action

David Black with Two Artists from Tunisia
This year's workshop will feature two artists from Tunisia, as well as artist and Fulbright Scholar David Black. Mr. Black will be be joined by two stars of Tunisian Collaborative Painting, Mourad Zerai and Olfa Jegham. Mourad and Olfa are making their first trip to New York, thanks to the success of The Jasmine Revolution and the new government of Tunisia.

David Black was initiated into the process upon arrival at the Bouabana Art Space in Tunis.  He was invited by the U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia, who had chosen Mr. Black’s work for his residence through the U.S. State Dept.’s ART in Embassies Program. As he worked with his collaborators on the canvases, Mr. Black felt and saw how art—as it is meant to do—transcends boundaries of culture and language. The wish to share that connection led him to introduce Tunisian Collaborative Painting to artists in the U.S.

The Workshops
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To register, visit the League's front desk, call (212) 247-4510, ext. 101 or e-mail 
(Right: Artists in the Tunisian Collaborative Workshop at the League, November 2010)


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