The League Residency at Vyt provides opportunity for artists seeking to dedicate time to their creative livelihood. Fostering development for working and emerging professionals, The League Residency at Vyt is an integral part of the Art Students League of New York's enduring mission to train great artists.

There is no fee to apply to The League Residency at Vyt. Each residency session is scheduled from the 1st – 28th of the month. There is a special 2-week session in December designed for artists who may need a concise residency. Applicants may select a preference for 4 or 8 week residencies, which may be awarded based on availability and merit. Financial awards are based solely on the merit of the artwork presented through the application. It is recommended that candidates apply 6 months in advance of their preferred residency session according to the following deadlines:

  • December 1: application deadline for June, July, August, September sessions
  • April 1: application deadline for October, November, January sessions (December is a 2-week session only; applications will open in June.)
  • August 1: application deadline for February, March, April, May sessions 

You will need to have the following information ready to complete this application (scroll down to see entire application). The application must be filled out all at once. You will see a confirmation page when you have completed the application successfully. 


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