Saber sketch with the New York Jedi

Members of the New York Jedi: Light Saber Enthusiasts Collective will be bringing their extensive experience in martial arts-based stage combat to the League’s Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery on three Thursday nights this winter.  League members, students, and friends can draw and otherwise attempt to render the swashbuckling action as trained performers using custom light sabers practice and act out scenes of derring-do.

Bring your brightest pencils and darkest charcoal (dry media only, no paint) and have fun with the challenge of drawing compelling combinations of movement and light.

Saber Sketch illuminates the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery on:

January 26, 7-10 pm
February 16, 7-10 pm
March 8, 7-10 pm


The cost to sketch the saberists is just $5 per session. TIckets available in the League office. 

Alternatively, you can participate by joining the event as a saberist-in-training ($10 cash at the door, sabers will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis).

For more information about New York Jedi go to

"Everybody’s got to geek out about something."
—Flynn, founder of the New York Jedi on National Public Radio


student profile: Randall W. L. Mooers

Succeeding as an artist today requires steely determination.  League member Randall W. L. Mooers shows his by committing more than 60 hours to his painting each week.  Artists with talent and drive like Mr.  Mooers were the movitvation for the League to  create the Exhibition Outreach Program, and they are reason why it has become so 

Mr. Mooers studied at the League off and on for a dozen years. His work ethic was reinforced by Peter Cox and Costa Vavagiakis, who stressed the mantra of “putting in the time” to raise a painter’s skills and confidence. In early 2009, Randall was headed to a members sketch class when he saw an Exhibition Outreach poster calling for artists for the 2009 Affordable Art Fair. After he was selected by an outside jury, Program Director Leah McCloskey came to Mr. Mooers’ s uptown studio to help pick the still lifes that would show at the Fair.

“On the surface my paintings arise from a strong attraction to the natural light of my north-facing windows and the forms that I place in its path,” Mr. Mooers says. “On a deeper level, these paintings come to be as they are from an intense, consistent, probing meditation concerning the occupation of a very specific moment in time and space. They are humble in scale, complex in their simplicity, and unambiguous in their content—a pear is simply a pear; it isn’t anything else.”

Seeing his work hanging in the context of the public, bustling 
Affordable Art Fair was a “psychological lift” and helped Mr. Mooers to “see my work differently.” He sold a piece the first night of the fair. After the show closed, he got an e-mail from gallery owner George Billis asking him to frame a few pieces for sale in Billis’s Chelsea gallery. After some sales and some very helpful advice from Mr. Billis, Mr. Mooers had a solo show at the gallery in January.

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