Mission Statement and Core Values

The Art Students League educates students in the language and process of making art in an environment where anyone who wishes to pursue an art education can realize his or her full potential.

The League fulfills this mission by offering accessible, affordable, high quality education and instruction in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture (including welding and bronze casting), and assemblage.

The League is committed to the following beliefs, principles, and values:

The atelier method of teaching, which recognizes the importance of process and learning through practice.
  • Support for the artist and the highest regard for those who are engaged in the process of making art.
  • Support for our artist instructors, who offer the highest quality instruction and are free to teach without curricular restrictions. The League is committed to talented instructors from a broad range of artistic philosophies who have strong viewpoints about the approach to making art.
  • Support for the individuality of our students, who are free to choose their instructors and course of study.
Accessibility - The League is committed to maintaining a tuition that makes it accessible to all who wish to study.

Community - The League is committed to maintaining a sense of community from which we can learn from and value the camaraderie and support of fellow artists. The League values all individuals who pursue art as contributors to the learning environment.


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