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Lines from the League

The League's newsletter, Lines from the League, is published periodically throughout the year and is available at the League office or by e-mailing Previous editions of Lines from the League:

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LINEA: The Journal of The Art Students League of New York

LINEA is now an online journal only, available here.

Click the links below to read previous editions of LINEA:

Spring 2012
Ira Goldberg interviews artist and former instructor Susan Shatter.  Plus articles by David Pullman, Isabel Carrió, and  League curator Pam Koob. 

Fall 2011
Ira Goldberg interviews artist Audrey Flack.  Plus articles by Marilyn Gasparini and instructor Ellen Eagle.


Spring 2011
Ira Goldberg interviews artist Robert Kipniss. Plus articles by Ellen Eagle, Thomas Torak, James Sulkowski, and Rebecca Katherine Hirsch. Special article in memorium of Akiko Hoshino by Yuka Imata.

Fall 2010
Ira Goldberg interviews artist Burton Silverman. Plus articles by league instructor Sylvie Covey and a special article on Tunisian Collaborative Painting by Ira Goldberg.  

Spring 2010
Ira Goldberg interviews artist Paul Resika. Plus articles by artist Steve Walker and instructor Ephraim Rubenstein.


Fall 2009
Ira Goldberg interviews artist Janet Fish. Interview with artist Kentaro Fuijioka. Instructors Daniel Dickerson and Frank Mason in memoria. Plus articles by Pam Koob, artist Helen Oh, Knox Martin and Martha Bloom.




A History of Art: A Timeline of the League


A brand new full-color history of the Art Students League is now available in the League's Art Supply Store. Written by Archivist Stephanie R. Cassidy and Curator Pamela N. Koob, A History in Art—A Timeline of the Art Students League of New York tells the 137-year story of the League with more than 100 reproductions and archival photographs.

A brand new full-color history of the Art Students League is now available in the League's Art Supply Store. Written by Archivist Stephanie R. Cassidy and Curator Pamela N. Koob, A History in Art—A Timeline of the Art Students League of New York tells the 137-year story of the League with more than 100 reproductions and archival photographs.Easy-to-follow timelines trace the stories of prominent League artists and events and places those stories in the broader context of art history and American history.

At the introductory price of just $14.99 (a 25% discount) for this oversized paperback, you'll want to get your copy today.


Click the images below to see sample pages from the book.






The Visual Language of Drawing:
Lessons on the Art of Seeing


Published in September 2012, The Visual Language of Drawing features the insights of 15 current and former Art Students League instructors. This stunning volume reassesses the art of drawing not as a technique, but as the essential grammar of all visual thinking.

In an illuminating introductory essay, James L. McElhinney punctures the myth that learning to draw is something for experts only, and presents methods for making, appreciating, and teaching drawing. The 15 contributors then offer a broad range of stylistic approaches and methodologies, accompanied by examples of their own and their students' artwork. A final section of basic exercises, along with information on materials, techniques, and resources, completes this inspirational study.

The Visual Language of Drawing is edited by Mr. McElhinney, who previously edited the League book Classical Life Drawing Studio (2010). Library Journal called Classical Life Drawing Studio a "landmark volume recommended for every serious art student and art collection," and awarded the work a "Best Book of 2010" in the category of Art Instruction.



New League Book On Sale Now
Classical Life Drawing Studio

Lessons & Teachings in the Art of Figure Drawing

Drawings from the book, Classical Life Drawing Studio
Classical Life Drawing Studio, a new book from Sterling Publishing and the Art Students League, distills the spirit of the League’s atelier classes—the people, the methods, the art—into a fully illustrated, 200-page celebration of classical drawing. You can purchase the book at the Art Students League Art Supply store, or order through Barnes & and receive a 5% discount off their lowest online price.

Classical Life Drawing Studi
o is a multifaceted learning tool for any artist. It will help artists improve their drawing by deepening their appreciation for the figure and by broadening their understanding of classical drawing’s role in the creation of art from antiquity through today. The full-page reproductions of contemporary and early 20th-century drawings are compelling works to study.

Classical Life Drawing Studio is beautifully edited by League Instructor James Lancel McElhinney, with a forward by Will Barnet. Sixteen contemporary League instructors (alphabetically from Camhy to Vavagiakis) explain what they value in their art and teaching. They offer their insights on drawings from the League’s permanent collection and share what they learned from their teachers.

“Drawing Studio” features 200 high-quality, full-color reproductions. There are more than 100 contemporary drawings and paintings from the League’s instructors and their students. The book’s “Gallery of Classical Drawing from the Collection of the Art Students League of New York” showcases 80 full-page reproductions, including many from the popular 2009 Drawing Lessons exhibition at the League.

The list of instructors contributing essays is below as is a list of students with works in Classical Life Drawing Studio. Order your copy now and receive a 5% discount off Barnes & Noble’s lowest online price.


Instructor Essays
Student Work
Sherry Camhy
Amilivia, Diego Catalan
Phillips, Max
Harvey Dinnerstein
Arrott, Patricia Graham
Poerner, Mary
Ellen Eagle
Buttke, Tim
Romero, Richard
Jack Faragasso
Charles, Lukas
Shim, Hyun Sun
Leonid Gervits
Chun, Myung-Ja
Smith, Robin
Dan Gheno
Cox, John T.
Stanicky, Petr
Michael Grimaldi
Cunningham, Angela Marie
Tokashiki, Toro
Gregg Kreutz                    
deMartin, Jon
Torre, Alejandro
Leonid Lerman
Goodsell, Sam
Tringali, R.D.
Frank Mason
Iglesias, Beñat Lopez
Van Benthuysen, Daniel
James Lancel McElhinney
Lee, Larry
West, Linda
Joseph Peller
Marco, Mitchell
Wight, Lea
Frank Porcu
McGrath, John
Nelson Shanks
Monaco, Claudia
Sharon Sprung
Nalbandian, Garegin
Costa Vavagiakis
Nino, Eddie

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