Message from Executive Director IRA Goldberg

ira goldbergWelcome to the Art Students League of New York.

The language of visual expression has been evolving since the dawn of civilization. It is a living testament to the inexhaustible power of art and human creativity. Art gives voice to perception, 
tangibility to ideas, substance to intelligence. It informs us and we see the world differently.
Once there is awareness, nothing is as it was.
The approach to teaching the language of art at the Art Students League lends itself to this premise. We continue to provide the highest level of instruction in which individual improvement is nurtured—for novices and seasoned practitioners alike. Our professional artist–instructors are independent and teach with the same passion and intensity with which they create, having no curricular restrictions. Because we offer instruction at affordable tuition in a broad array of aesthetics—from academic realism to pure abstraction—students can immerse themselves in virtually any approach to artistic thinking.
Crucial to the League’s educational approach is the recognition of each student’s self-determination.  Ultimately, it is up to the individual to work his or her way through the challenging and rewarding process of learning to become an artist.  It requires patience, practice and perseverance.  One must be willing to fail in order to succeed, to cede control in order to gain control, to be open to possibilities never previously imagined, in order to find one’s artistic voice.  Art is the undiscovered country whose vast shores can be visited for a day, or explored for more than a thousand lifetimes.
The League’s success and longevity are due to the commitment and passion of its students.  One can see the rewards for efforts made in the Student Concours, which take place each week from January to May; the Red Dot Exhibition, which represents the work deemed most outstanding from the Student Concours; the Merit Scholarship Exhibit; and the Grant Winners Exhibit.  Many students will go on to have professional careers in art; but for all artists, it starts with one thing—the desire to learn.

The Art Students League welcomes anyone and everyone with that desire.  We have programs aimed at professional development—including Vytlacil Campus Residencies, Exhibition Outreach, and Model to Monument—in addition to our core program of studio art classes.  It’s all here.  The rest is up to you. 

Ira Goldberg
Executive Director

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