About the LEAGUE's Board of Control / Staff Listing

The Art Students League of New York has always been governed by the Board of Control, annually elected by the membership. The Board consists of twelve officers, of which three must be students enrolled in the school. At the Annual Meeting, League members elect a President, two Vice-Presidents and three other officers. Of the six officers chosen, at least three, not including the President, must be selected from the retiring Board of Control. The six officers, elected at this Annual Meeting, then meet within ten days and proceed to elect six other officers, appoint a Treasurer, a Corresponding Secretary and a Recording Secretary. Officers of the Board of Control shall receive no remuneration from the Art Students League of New York for their services and are not eligible for any salaried position in the League.

The Board of Control endeavors to interpret and carry out the wishes of the students and members adhering to the Constitution and devising and implementing policies in accordance with its mission. It determines financial and administrative policies. These policies are executed by the Executive Director, who works with the Board in an advisory capacity, and is in charge of the administration of the school. The Board meets on a regular basis. Requests, suggestions or student problems must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director.

Board of Control 2014

Salvatore Barbieri, President
Thomas E. Harvey, Vice President Nominated by Men
Susan Matz, Vice President Nominated by Women

Mary Jo Anzel
Richard Baker
Beth Berns
Macaulay Campbell
Jack Gordon
Victoria Hibbs
Jill Krutick
Kit Seidel
Len Sirowitz



League Staff

Ira Goldberg
Executive Director

Joseph Rossi
Deputy Executive Director
G. L. Sussman

Director, Vytlacil Campus
Director, Elizabeth V. Sullivan Gallery

Andrew Braun
Facilities Manager
The League Residency at Vyt

Charis Carmichael Braun

Director of Communications,
The League Residency at Vyt

Sandra Cain
International Student Advisor

Stephanie Cassidy
Editor of LINEA: The Journal of the Art Students
League of New York

Ramiro Davaro-Comas
Director of Residency Services,
The League Residency at Vyt

Helen Dwork
Development Associate
Onsite Administrator for

Lilian Engel

Design Director

Xanthe Ellis

Membership & Database Manager


Denise L. Greene

Director of Individual and Planned Giving
Seeds of the League Program Director
Lines from the League Editor

Leah McCloskey
Director of Exhibition Outreach

Ken Park

Director of Communications & Institutional Fundraising

Astrid Rodriguez
Manager Administrative Services

Jillian Russo

Emma Shapiro
Administrative Manager & Model

Thomas Tacik
Development Associate
Scholarship and Grants Coordinator
Robert Telenick
Administrative Manager
Workshop Coordinator

Evelyn Wang

Student Affairs Coordinator




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